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What’s new

What’s new in ClaySys AppForms

10th July 2017

Application Setting Variable and Session Variable

Border Control Explained

People Picker Explained

Captcha Control Explained

Hidden Controls Explained

SubForm Control Explained

GridCopy function Explained

AppendFile function Explained

9th February 2017

AppForms Scheduler.

Application Monitor.

Application Setting Variables.

Configuring a RESTful Web Service in ClaySys AppForms.

Getting File Name from DataSource.

Navigation from DynamicGrid on One Form to another Using HyperLink.

Passing Values from a form to an External Form.

Rich Text Box.

Transaction Log.

Rules Expression Builder.

25th June 2016

How to skip criteria when the data is empty in search Control?

Manage your search operations by skip search criteria when the control which provided as criteria is empty in search control.  See how it works>

Find And Replace option in Search Control

Find and Replace option will help you to modify the column values in search control. See how it works>

How to Pass Values to an External Form?

In ClaySys AppForms a user can pass value from a form to an External Form inside the form. For that we use the SetFormValue() function. See how it works>

How to Pass Value from one form to another Form in ClaySys AppForms?

How to use image for certain conditions based on a cell value in Search grid?

Find and Replace in Search control

How to attain split feature in SaveAsPdf() function ?

How to Navigate in ClaySys AppForms using executeJavaScript function?

How to Configure a YES or NO MessageBox using pop up form?

How to Generate Error Logs?

16th Mar 2016

ClaySys AppForms New Tenant Creation

Find and Replace in Search control

GetControlId function

Global Rules

How to manage Navigation in ClaySys AppForms

Search.Action Function

Dynamic grid with RESTful Web-Service

Restful Data-Source to support header

Restful Data-source to support Json format

9th Mar 2016

Basic Controls in ClaySys AppForms

3rd Mar 2016

How to find selected check-box in a check-box group

How to get date details from date time field

26th Feb 2016

How to pass values using button navigation

19th Feb 2016

How to navigate different forms based on a criteria

Collection Controls

How to configure composite columns in Dynamic Grid control

Dynamic Grid configuration with SQL database

17th Feb 2016

How to check Silver light version

How to find the AppForms version

How to save List Templates

How to use loop rules in the form

Collection Controls

Dynamic Grid control

12th Feb 2016

How to Download Form from ClaySys AppForms

Upload Files to Document Library from Dynamic Grid using file Upload control

Create a new Web Service Data source

Installing ClaySys AppForms

Un-install ClaySys AppForm

Upgrade ClaySys AppForm

Rollback Upgrade ClaySys AppForms

How To Activate ClaySys AppForms Features From SharePoint Site Settings

Search Control

Search Control

External Form

External Form Control

Configuration Examples

Configuration of MetaData Control

8th Feb 2016

  1. Installing ClaySys AppForms
    1.1 Mobile version for Enterprise edition
  2. Features
    2.1File upload control DownloadFilestream property
  3. AppForm Basics
    3.1 Navigating to AppForms Designer
    3.2 Adding form to web part
    3.3 Adding Trigger
    3.4 How to add Rules in AppForms
    3.5 Rules Debugger
    3.6 Rules Editor
    3.6.1 Default Triggers
    3.7 Changing the properties of the form and controls using properties window
    3.8 Creating a basic form
    3.9 Creating a List form
    3.10 Document Library
    3.11 Image Control & Image button
    3.12 Working with ComboBox
    3.13 Activate For Web Application

4 Controls
4.1 Standard Controls
4.1.1 FileUpload
4.1.2 Captcha

5 Rule- Copy Paste
5.1 Cut or copy paste Rule items

29th Sept 2015

  1. Security Module
    1.1 User Management
    1.2 Initiate AD Sync
  2. Example of SendEmailAdvanced (Configuration Examples)
  3. Different Selected Value for PeoplePicker (Configuration Examples)
  4. GridGetFileName and GridSetFileName (Configuration Examples)
    Date : 19th May 2015
  5. Reports ( AppForms designer)
  6. External Form (Controls)
    2.1 External Form Configuration (Control Configuration)
    2.2 External Form – Repeating feature (Feature)
    2.2.1 RepeaterGetFormName function
    2.2.2 RepeaterQuickAction function
    2.3 External Form – Properties (Property)
  7. DataSource Aggregate Functions (Feature)
  8. GUID function example (Configuration Examples)
  9. Form Validation example (Configuration Examples)
  10. Rules
    6.1 Clear Functions
    6.2 Event Operations
    6.3 Excel Operations
    6.4 External Form Operations
    6.5 File Upload Operations
    6.6 Generic Functions
    6.7 String Operations
    6.8 Validation Functions
    6.9 Mail Operations
    6.10 List Operations
    6.11 Pop-up
    6.12 Print Operations
    6.13 Security Operations
    6.14 Session Operations
    6.15 Site Operations
    6.16 Statistical Operations
    6.17 Tab Operations
    6.18 Time Operations
    6.19 Variables
    6.20 Web Address

6th May 2015

  1. Send Email functionality – (Configuration Examples)
  2. Working with Tab Control (Controls)
    2.1 Tab Control – Accord View (Controls)
  3. Forms designer Undo & Redo functionality (AppForms Designer Basics)
  4. WebService Configuration to use SharePoint UserProile service (Configuration Examples)
  5. UserProfile Rules Variables (Rules)
  6. Search Control – List Join (Configuration Examples)
  7. Using Border Control Theme (Configuration Examples)
  8. Using Regular Expressions (Configuration Examples)
  9. Save as PDF (Rules)
  10. Form with Dynamic Height (Configuration Examples)
  11. Send Email ( Advanced with Example ) (Rules)
  12. Extending forms with JavaScript functions
    12.1 Execute JavaScript
    12.2 Invoke JavaScript