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Select Restricted Date

We will have to check if the user has selected a restricted date using the dates saved in the table. We will create a new DataSource here to read the ID of the date which the user has selected. This will allow us to know if the end user has selected a restricted date, if the ID returned is a number greater than 0 then its a restricted date else its a correct date.

For this reason, we have two hidden textboxes one named “txtDate” the next named “txtDateId”.

Now we can create a new DataSource for the selection of a restricted date. Please follow the steps below to configure the DataSource.

Step 1 – Select MS SQL as the DataSource.

Step 2– Select the table “Restricted Dates and Reserved Dates”

Step 3 – Add a Select Command with the following criteria.

Step 4 – Add the Create Execute Rule trigger as the textbox “txtDate” so that this command is executed every time a new date is selected.