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Image Button

The Image Button control enables the user to associate certain actions that needs to be performed form when you click on it, this button allows the user to have a image instead of the regular text label. In ClaySys AppForms the Image button can be used for executing actions like save, update, delete, close form or navigate to a different form, etc.

Control Name: ImageButton
Group: Standard

S.noProperty nameData typeDescription
1Click ActionTo set the actions to perform once the image button has been clicked.
2Image SourceTo set the image background to be displayed in the control.


The texts that needs to be displayed when the user hover the mouse pointer over the control, without clicking it.
Tab Index


Sets the Tab order for the control within its container.
To make a comment or observation about the control for reference.
Attached Label
S.noProperty nameData typeDescription
6Show LabelBooleanTo display the attached label along with the control.
7Label TextStringSets the text content of the label attached to the control.
Label Position
To place the label attached in various positions around the control.
9Label WidthStringSets the suggested width or thickness of the label attached to the control.
10Label Height
Sets the suggested height of the label attached to the control.
11Text AlignmentStringTo align the texts inside the label attached to different positions within the control.
12MarginStringSets the edge or outer margin to the control.
13FontStringSets the font face\style.
14Font SizeStringSets the size of the text in attached label.
15BoldBooleanTo make the attached label text Bold
16ItalicBooleanItalicize the attached label text.
17UnderlineBooleanUnderline the attached label text.
18Font ColorStringSets a brush that describes the Font color in attached label.
19Background ColorStringSets a brush that describes the Background color to the attached label.
S.noProperty nameData typeDescription
20WidthStringSets the suggested width or thickness of the control.
21HeightStringSets the suggested height of the control.
Sets the edge or outer margin to the control.
Sets the visibility of the control while rendering.
Sets the accessibility of the control during rendering.
25Column Span
To merge the number of column specified.
S.noProperty nameData typeDescription
26RulesAfter selecting the control, If user clicks Rules tab it will be expanded and displays a Rules property. Create Rule can be selected from a drop down list. On clicking the Create Rule link button will navigate the user to the Rules Engine. The same control will be added as a trigger by default to execute the Rule.
S.noProperty nameData typeDescription
27Control ReportControl Report will redirect to Reports tab that will display all the configurations, rules and datasources details associated to the selected control.