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Configuration of MetaData Control in SharePoint

Configuration of MetaData Control

Step 1 : Click on ‘Site Contents’.

Figure 1

Step 2 : Click on ‘add an app’.

Figure 2

Step 3 : Click on ‘Custom List’.

Figure 3

Step 4: A pop-up appears, Enter the name of the Custom List and click on ‘Create’ button .

Figure 4

Step 5: The created customList can be seen as shown in the figure 5 . Click on it to open.

Figure 5

Step 6:Click on the ‘List’ tab and then click on ‘Create Column’ icon .

Figure 6

Step 7 : a pop-up appears , enter the column name and choose ‘Managed Meta-data’ as the type of information.

Figure 7

Step 8 :Check the ‘Allow multiple Values’ check-box to allow more than one value in column.

Figure 8

Step 9 : Choose ‘Use a managed term set’ to use predefined Term set . Some of the predefined term sets are shown in the figure 9 under the heading ‘Managed Meta-data Service’. or we can choose ‘Customize your term set’ as shown in figure 10 .

Figure 9
Figure 10

Step 10: Right click on ‘SampleMetadata’ icon and click ‘Create Term’ to create term .

Figure 11

Created Terms are seen in the figure 12

Figure 12

For each Parent Term we can create Child Term by right clicking on that Term and click on ‘Create Term’ option . In the same way you can Delete and Move Term .

Figure 13

Step 11 :Select the Term to be displayed and click ‘Ok’ button.

Figure 14

Step 12 : Click on ‘ClaySys AppForm’ icon .

Figure 15

Step 13:  Click on ‘Manage ListForms’ .

Figure 16

Step 14:  As shown in the figure 16 , we can see the form containing the created meta-data control.

Figure 17