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It gives the form name appended with the form index.

Step 1 : Enter the rule as mentioned below in the syntax and append a trigger (‘RepeaterGetFormName’) to it.
Syntax : RepeaterGetFormName (Form Name, Index)
Example : Message Box (RepeaterGetFormName (ExternalForm1, 1))

Figure 1

Step 2 : While checking the preview, an arrow sign as shown in the figure 8 can be viewed and by clicking this symbol, a window appears having the actions namely, ‘Repeat’, ‘Remove’ and the selected form names which is termed as ‘View’.

Figure 2

Step 3: Click the action called ‘Repeat’ and thereafter, on clicking the button (‘RepeaterGetFormName’), the message box pops up with the form name appended with the index (‘ExternalForm1’)

Figure 3