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This function is used to execute a command configured in the form. This function can be used for any type of DataSource you are using the form like MS SQL, SharePoint, WebServices, etc.

Syntax :

ExecuteCommand(DataSourceCommandName, bool showConfirmation [Optional], bool isSynch[Optional])

DataSourceCommandName is the name of the command that needs to be executed. The command name will be defined as DataSourceName.CommandName
showConfirmation determines if we need to show a default message confirming the completion of the operation. The value can be true/false. Default value is false.
isSynch determines if the operation needs to be completed before the next set of rules can be executed. The value can be true/false. Default value is false.

Examples :

ExecuteCommand( DataSource1.Select )
ExecuteCommand( DataSource1.Select, false )
ExecuteCommand( DataSource1.Select, false, false )
ExecuteCommand( DataSource1.Insert, true, true )
ExecuteCommand( DataSource1.Update, true, true )
ExecuteCommand( DataSource1.Delete, true, true )