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Hidden Control

Hidden control can be used to store data hidden in a form. Hidden control can be accessed in rules, data sources etc. It can also be used to pass values between forms which don’t need to be seen by users.
Working with a Hidden control

  • Create a form as shown in Figure 1, by dragging hidden controls.

Figure 1
  • After adding a hidden control to designer it’s possible to change its control name, add remarks and set default value in the property panel (Figure 2).
Figure 2

Control Name: Hidden Control
Group: Standard Control

S.noProperty NameData TypeDescription
1Default ValueStringSet default value to the control.
2RemarksStringTo make a comment or observation about the control for reference.
S.noProperty NameData TypeDescription
3Control ReportControl Report will redirect to Reports tab that will display all the configurations, rules and data sources details associated to the selected control.