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Control Name: Timer
Group: Standard

S.noProperty nameData typeDescription
1IntervalIntegerThe interval time can be set in seconds. Timer control’s Default interval time is 60 seconds. If user sets 10 as an interval time, the timer control will be triggered after 10 seconds.
2Is ActiveBooleanIf the checkbox is checked only the timer control will be activated.
3As Idle TimerBooleanOnly if the form is being idle in particular interval, the trigger will be fired.
4TooltipStringThe texts that needs to be displayed when the user hover the mouse pointer over the control, without clicking it.
5RemarksStringTo make a comment or observation about the control for reference.
S.noProperty nameData typeDescription
6RulesAfter selecting the control, If user clicks Rules tab it will be expanded and displays a Rules property. Create Rule can be selected from a drop down list. On clicking the Create Rule link button will navigate the user to the Rules Engine. The same control will be added as a trigger by default to execute the Rule.
S.noProperty nameData typeDescription
7Control ReportControl Report will redirect to Reports tab that will display all the configurations, rules and datasources details associated to the selected control.