User-Friendly, Fast Loading Apps That Works Across All Platforms

Planning to launch an application that can work across all platforms? ClaySys has got you covered with our expertise in cross-platform mobile app development (also known as multi-platform app development) service. Our mobile app development team has experience in building mobile applications for specific platforms such as Android, iOS and Windows Phone, which enables them to easily build an app that can work across all three platforms.

It’s super productive and efficient to have one app development company deploy your app across all platforms rather than building individual native apps specific to each platform.

Multi-platform mobile apps provide more user reach.

Single codebase allows to deploying changes easily.

Reduced development costs.

What is Cross-Platform App Development?

Cross Platform apps can work across most popular mobile operating systems such as Android, iOS and Windows Mobile. The purpose of a cross-platform mobile app is to have one code base for the app that can run across multiple platforms. Cross-Platform mobile apps are perfect for solutions that have to be deployed across multiple platforms.

Our Cross-Platform App Developers Utilize Modern Frameworks Such As:

Cross-Platform Apps Development Using Xamarin

Xamarin offers mobile app development capability to build solutions that work across three of the most popular mobile platforms - Android, iOS & Windows Phone. Xamarin allows us to build mobile apps that have a completely native look and feel while writing the code in a single language - C#. Xamarin also extends its features by letting the app developer to access native SDK features.

Native User Interface

Xamarin allows the apps to be built that contain standards user interface controls that’s indistinguishable from native applications built specifically for the respective operating systems.

Access To Native APIs

Apps developed using Xamarin has complete access to the OS-specific features, thus expanding the app developer’s capability to a whole new range.

Cross-Platform Apps Developed Using Cordova

Cordova is similar to Xamarin but supports very popular and common technologies such as HTML, JS, and CSS. The cross-platform apps built using Cordova executes in wrappers designed for each mobile OS and have access to device-specific features such as device sensors, network access, and data access.

ClaySys Cross-Platform App Development Service

ClaySys app development teams have years of experience in building platform-specific apps and that expertise is extended into enabling us to deliver a cross-platform solution that works flawlessly across the popular mobile operating systems.


Analyze The Cross-Platform App Requirement

The cross-platform app development teams go through the requirement and decide the best framework and technologies that can deliver high-performance mobile apps in short delivery time.


FREE Proof of Concept/Demo

Having years of experience in the world of IT consultancy services, we understand the need to assure the customer of our capability to build something unique and custom. For the same reason, a part of the app requirement will be built and shown to you during the demo for FREE.

Ready to discuss your project? Schedule a FREE consultation.


UI / UX Design Suitable For Multi-platform Mobile Apps

A clean and simple user interface for the cross-platform app is designed in-house. The design will match the target operating system and will contain all the UI features expected from a modern cross-platform mobile application.

Having done hundreds of designs in the past, our creative team is well aware of the industry design standards and concepts. All the cross-platform mobile app designs will be visually appealing and consistent across all platforms.

  • Visually appealing UI
  • Multi-platform user-friendly apps
  • Design consistency across all platforms
  • Clutter-free, clean and simple UI
  • Impressive animations & motions
  • Minimalistic, yet practical design elements
  • Modern design

Cross-Platform Application Development Phase

The project moves into the development phase after client review and approval.

All the complex functionalities and feature of the cross-platform app is carefully implemented into the actual application codebase. The team is well trained in terms of modern coding practices and standard procedures that the end product will be compatible across with multiple devices and platforms.

  • Lightweight cross-platform mobile applications deliver the best user experience.
  • The cross-platform application will work across all devices of various screen resolutions
  • In-house creative design, solutions architects and QA team to support the implementation
  • Shorter app development and deployment time.
  • High-performance apps that won’t crash, no matter the OS being used
  • Native look and feel

Cross-Platform App Testing

The cross-platform application testing is done on multiple mobile operating systems and device configurations to ensure smooth and crash-free operation.

  • Comprehensive manual cross-platform app testing procedures
  • Detailed testing of individual functionalities and features
  • Tested on different actual mobile devices to ensure compatibility

Launch The iOS Application To Multiple App Stores

Post-development, the application can be launched into multiple app stores as per the requirement.

Why Choose Us

For Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

Development team experienced in multiple mobile platforms

ClaySys app development team works on the most popular mobile operating systems, enabling us to deliver the perfect cross-platform solution.

Best in the industry pricing

Developing a cross-platform application will result in much lesser development costs than individual native applications built separately.

On-time delivery

We understand the need to launch apps to the market on time, which is why the project deadlines are taken with utmost seriousness.

Customer Support

Reliable and priority customer support. All queries are processed and responded with the minimal response time.

After release maintenance, additional features

It’s not uncommon for clients to have additional requirements after release. We can take care of any additional feature along with a continuous and reliable after release maintenance.

Clients we have served

No commitment until we prove to you that we can do it

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