Culture and Work Environment

The culture at ClaySys is very focused on channeling all our collective energy into delivering high-impact customer solutions. Our policies and procedures align with strictly avoiding traditional organizational politics, and instead aligning our team's interests with the best interests of our clients. To achieve this we have invested in creating an excellent work environment that ensures a great work-life balance. With a core focus on R&D and innovation, we channel our employee's passion into specific emerging technology opportunities like RPA, AI, and ML. We focus on investing in employee incentives and benefits that ensure long-term careers with ClaySys.

The ClaySys Vibe:

  • Cheerful: Helpful colleagues and mentors that are always accessible and available.
  • Collaborative: Multi-disciplinary teams that encourage collaboration and sharing knowledge.
  • Focus: Committed to growing employee subject matter expertise, ensuring domain expertise.
  • Lifestyle: Fun work environment, with team-building recreational activities and community events.
  • Fulfillment: Well-rounded goals and strategic roadmap to ensure employee fulfillment.


ClaySys offers a wide range of innovative benefits to ensure employee satisfaction and growth. We are proud of our team members and we strive to support growth and fulfillment for each one of them. A sampling of key benefits include:
  • Healthcare :
    The company provides health insurance for healthcare support through the best-in-class healthcare providers.
  • Career Growth :
    Tracking and channeling each employee's growth through ongoing aptitude evaluation and relevant project assignments.
  • Quality of Life :
    Structured work-life balance, to ensure happiness professionally and personally.
  • Financial Stability :
    Innovative incentive schemes such as housing benefits where key employees are rewarded with fully built up 3 Bedroom family homes on achieving key milestones.
  • Paid Time Off :
    Vacation allowance annually, along with incentive company paid international holiday travel.

Why Work for ClaySys?

What really excites you? Sharpening your skills and passion for advanced technology development? Driving the future of cognitive technology applications for high-end customers? Working with smart people in a fun, collaborative, and vibrant atmosphere? Great! Come join us!!


Feel the energetic him and the sense of urgency at ClaySys that’s fueled by a shared vision of the future of digital technologies. You will be inspired to take the good, and make it exceptional, and have a sense of fulfillment and fun doing it.


Help customers successfully harness the digital change sweeping the world. ClaySys people challenge the status quo, are unafraid to question conventional thinking. We dream big and execute tenaciously.


Work in a fertile environment for innovation and product development. We break down silos to collaborate seamlessly across the company. We encourage professional and personal mentoring to ensure that our younger team members get the right guidance.

Open Positions

ClaySys is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer!

Project Management
Software Development
All Locations
System admin
1-5 Years
All Locations
1-3 Years
Kochi, India
2-4 Years
All Locations
0-3 Years
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Digital Marketing