About Us

ClaySys Technologies is one of the leading application platform products in the ‘No-code’ or ‘Metadata Driven’ software business application development space. The company was founded to create a modern technology platform that addressed the core pain points related to the traditional software application development architecture. The founding team of ClaySys Technologies come from a legacy of creating and developing line of business software applications for large enterprise clients around the world. The enthusiasm and innovation around the ClaySys AppForms platform evolved from this specific background, given the fundamental flaws of the traditional approach not being able to create ‘Futureproof’ applications. The traditional approach created applications that constantly need to be upgraded or migrated to the technology trend of the day besides needing high end software development skills to create and maintain them. The ClaySys AppForms platform puts in place an architecture that is ‘Futureproof’ as every time the technology is upgraded, all existing applications continue to work. The ClaySys AppForms Architecture also supports a significantly better security model for building web applications and requires a significantly lower skillset than that of an experienced software developer to use it and supports the creation of complex business applications at least 8x to 10x faster than through the traditional approach.

The founders of the company have been supporting US, European and Middle Eastern clients on Custom Development and application maintenance projects for over 20 years. We have been very successful in implementing Enterprise Scale IT Solutions across multiple vertical industries and the founders were Microsoft Worldwide Partner Award winners multiple times during their Software Consulting and Development Services legacy.

Today, the ClaySys AppForms platform has been available in the marketplace now for well over five years, and has a wide installed base including a number of Fortune 500 companies who have deployed it for building complex business applications. We provide a comprehensive support model for the platform which includes Training Materials, Documentation, Videos and Support Services from our offshore technical operations center in India. We also provide ongoing consulting services to clients who choose to leverage our skills to help them architect and build some of their business applications and/or migrate some of their painful legacy applications to an easier to maintain platform. We also have a Technical Services department that provides ongoing maintenance services to our clients.

The ClaySys AppForms platform has got a lot of recognition from the marketplace for its ease of use and ease of maintenance and we have been profiled in a number of industry analyst reports. Forrester Research first profiled ClaySys Technologies in their report on ‘New Productivity Platforms’ in 2011. We were subsequently profiled a number of other times where ClaySys clients were interviewed and surveyed to publish their experiences in using the ClaySys AppForms product.

ClaySys Technologies is the software technology platform and services company of the ClaySys Group of Companies based in India with operations in the Middle East and the United States. The ClaySys Group has sister companies engaged in Real Estate Development, developing Villa and Apartment projects in India through ClaySys Lifestyle Pvt Ltd and infrastructure development projects for setting up business parks and developing commercial office space through ClaySys Infrastructure Pvt Ltd. The group also has a division under ClaySys Hospitality LLP which runs commercial catering and restaurant services that service major companies like TCS, Cognizant, KPMG and others within the Special Economic Zone business parks in Kerala, India.