Custom iOS, Android & Cross Platform App Development

ClaySys has a Mobile Application Development Service that focuses on Custom Mobile Application development on the native iOS and Android platforms, as well as cross-platform mobile applications leveraging platforms like Microsoft Xamarin.

As a leading mobile app development company, we have built very complex custom mobile applications for Smartphones and Tablets through our Mobile App Development practice, and we have built hybrid mobile apps leveraging HTML 5 for functionality that works with a native shell client, to build more extensive enterprise mobile applications. We specialize in supporting clients in building Mobile apps that can complement and integrate with a number of enterprise applications. We also focus on ensuring that clients create complementary Native Mobile and Mobile Web applications to ensure that the end-users are served appropriately, irrespectively of their channel of engagement.

Why do you need a custom mobile app?

Mobiles apps connect better with customers by providing more value to them and build a stranger brand image. It also opens up avenues to have engaging communications with your customers to boost brand loyalty. ClaySys has a dedicated division for custom mobile app development services, we can make your idea to an app and while you focus on the next big idea.

Ever since its inception, iOS has had a major user base and will continue to do so in the upcoming years. Making sure a large number of iOS users get to avail your online solutions is as important as having a website. ClaySys has a team of expert app developers ready to plan, design, develop and deploy applications to run on iOS. Our years of experience in building a mobile application in the iOS platform enables us to meet your app development expectation according to the delivery time and cost that was planned.

Our team of Android developers has deep knowledge of how the platforms works, which enables them to build apps that are reliable, user-friendly and scalable. We use the latest technologies and tools for designing, developing and testing mobile apps which ultimately results in the best quality product.

Be not limited by any platform. Cross-platform mobile applications built using Xamarin & Cordova helps you to reach users that are on Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Developing mobile apps using Xamarin enables us to build cross-platform mobile apps (Android, iOS, and Windows) with native UI’s using a shared C# codebase. Using Xamarin, our mobile app development team can deliver native apps for Android, iOS, and Windows at a faster turnaround time and lesser cost.

Apache Cordova based mobile application development helps developers to use native properties of a device, such as the hardware peripherals, storage etc. The UI will completely match all mobile phone platforms.

Our Custom Mobile Application Development Service Includes:

The ClaySys approach to mobile app development is to tackle the requirement step by step. Our development process involves the following steps.


App Strategy Planning

Just like every other project, a good mobile app development project starts with great planning. We will have a detailed discussion with you regarding the requirements, expected delivery time and the cost. The requirement is then passed to the development team for feasibility checks.


Get Your FREE Proof of Concept

Our mobile app developers are experts in the industry and we are proud of it. For the same reason, you won’t have to pay a single penny until we show you that we can implement your requirements. A FREE proof of concept will be provided to you.

Ready to discuss your project? Schedule a FREE consultation.


Mobile UI / UX Designing

Your customers have a smaller screen to interact with your mobile site and creating an auto responsive mobile site for your website won’t cut the ice anymore. Mobile accounts for 50% of web traffic in 2017 and the number is exponentially increasing every day. ClaySys design team can help you create user-friendly designs for your mobile site without compromising on aesthetics.

We use industry-leading tools and platforms for designing the UI/UX part of the mobile application.

  • Aesthetically appealing user interface
  • The user experience that makes users want to use the app
  • Design consistency across different screens of your app
  • Clean, clutter-free design
  • Impressive animations & motions
  • Minimalistic, yet practical

Mobile Application Development Phase

A team of mobile application developers with years of experience will start building the application on the desired platform with the designs already created.

Everything from converting the design into a fully functional mobile application is done in this stage. Every mobile app we develop can compete against top mobile applications in the industry.

  • Fast and lightweight mobile apps ensure the best user experience
  • UI that works across all devices and screen resolutions
  • High-quality robust apps
  • Apps that perfectly meet customer requirement
  • Apps that comprise the most recent technologies and features

Mobile App Testing

A comprehensive manual test of all the application functionalities ensures that every I is dotted and every T is crossed.

  • Comprehensive manual testing procedures
  • Every functionality and design element is tested
  • Tests are conducted on various devices and operating systems

App Launch

After the app has gone through all the microscopic testing and QA processes, the app will be launched to the desired marketplace.

Why Choose Us?

An experienced and skilled team

Our custom mobile app development team has years of experience working with various international clients, meeting complex requirements.

Affordable cost

Launching an app to the market is only profitable if the cost associated with it is affordable. Which is why ClaySys offers competitive pricing for building your custom mobile apps.

On time delivery

Time is money, both for you and for us. Which is why every mobile app development project will have a reasonable and practical deadline, which we never miss. On time delivery ensures that you can launch your mobile app to the market as per your business plans.

Round the clock support

We don’t abandon our clients or ignore their emails. Every query regarding your custom mobile application will be routed through the respective team and answered within a very short time.

After release maintenance

We have affordable maintenance packages even after your app hits the market. Everything from adding new features to updates management can be done under one roof.

Clients we have served

No commitment until we prove to you that we can do it

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