Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic Process Automation is a technology that allows you to simulate a human being interacting with a traditional computer screen interface to do data entry, or automate business process tasks through the Software Application interface that exists for Human Interaction. ClaySys has been at the forefront of RPA automation for the last 5 years. We specialize in RPA implementation services for a variety of sectors including financial services, healthcare services, and real estate services. ClaySys can automate data entry between diverse financial software applications and reduce manual tasks through RPA.

ClaySys Technologies is a partner with UiPath and Blue Prism, two of the leading RPA tools. This technology can help automate any kind of data entry to move data between systems or to move data from Excel to business applications or automate other tasks that are typically done by humans.

RPA is really very disruptive technology, and we have seen immediate gains of 15% to 20% in productivity, through automating mundane data entry tasks and improving process efficiency through front-end automation to help automate individual employee tasks, thus freeing up their time to focus on the more complex work tasks. RPA has also become a very good option to automate integration between legacy systems, as through RPA we have delivered solutions that integrate with Cobol programs on the IBM Mainframe, or other legacy Unix based solutions, that do not expose an interface or an API.

RPA is one of the fastest growing consulting service at ClaySys.

What can Robotic Process Automation do?

RPA can mimic human interaction and automatically perform any task using a computer, be it copy-pasting data from one place to another, or performing advanced series or repeatable and predictable actions.

Is Robotic Process Automation AI?

AI and RPA are different. RPA performs actions that humans can do with a computer. AI is like a brain of its own.

What is BOT in robotic process automation?

A BOT is a software that can perform predefined automation. BOTs can be run 24X7.

Capabilities of Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation has a lot of potentials that most companies not yet recognize the complete capabilities of RPA.

Robots are computer coded software

robots enable the automation of repetitive rule based processes

robots mimic interaction of users

robots work across functions and applications

  • Automate a large number of repetitive tasks without human intervention.
  • Automate manual high volume data entry across multiple systems
  • Automatically move a high volume of data between software applications, and/or Cloud SaaS Solutions
  • Extract data from PDFs, Excel sheets, scanned documents
  • Prepare automated reports and send them on schedule
  • Automate repetitive tasks of the customer service system
  • Automate financial services by merging statements from numerous departments
  • Generate, archive & extract emails in bulk
  • Automate processes involving form filling & invoicing
  • Create decision-based workflows
  • Automate all kinds of repetitive business processes.

Business Process In Which RPA Can Be Used

Take over repetitive tasks that employees carry out 50-60 times a day
Periodic reporting, data entry and data analysis
Mass mail generation, archiving and extracting
Conversion of data formats and graphics
Process lists and
file storage

RPA Process Characteristics

  • Human Error
  • Costly IT Change
  • Seasonal Volumes
  • Rules Driven
  • Electronic Input
  • Repetitive

Industries That Can Benefit From RPA as a Service

RPA services are not limited to the technology industry, but almost all sectors where there are manual repetitive tasks are being executed can benefit from robotic process automation.


Finance sectors benefit the most from RPA solutions due to the large volume of mundane repetitive tasks being done in this industry. Instead of allocating valuable human resources to doing simple, data entry operations, let the machine do all the work for you so that humans can think about improving the company value.

  • Credit Management
  • Customer Onboarding
  • Claims Processing
  • Regulatory Compliance Reporting
  • Contract Administration
RPA For Healthcare Sector

The healthcare industry uses several software applications where a lot of manual business operations are carried out every day. RPA solutions for healthcare can take care of these rule-based repetitive tasks so that the actual persons can focus on saving lives.

  • Patient Enrollment and Scheduling
  • Insurance Eligibility Qualification
  • Clinical Documentation
  • Billing and Claims Processing
RPA For Real Estate Industry

The real estate industry can benefit from robotic process automation by automating manual repetitive tasks being carried out in the following software they use.

  • Vendor and customer setup
  • Deal sourcing research
  • Entity & Property set up
  • Budgeting and forecasting

Robotic Process Automation Advantages

There are several advantages in implementing RPA, most of which are immediately visible and have long-term benefits.

Accuracy And Consistency

RPA helps in reducing operational human error. It ensures there are no business process deviations.

Incremental ROI On the Long Run

Being a rule-based system architecture, RPA does have a longer set up time frame. The effort is well invested for any business process which involves repetitive tasks.

Instant Scalability

RPA gives you the power to grow exponentially without worrying about manpower and training. Deploy more as you go.


No more sampling of data. Your analytics report can be exhaustive and RPA systems can interpret data at a granular level to give you actionable insights for process improvement.

Change Management

Companies simply don't make any changes to workflow or business processes just because of the chaos during the transition.

Compliance & Data Security

Every single activity is recorded and is available for analysis instantly. Rest assured your compliance audits won’t be a nightmare anymore.

Why Choose ClaySys For RPA Implementation Services?

Partner With Industry Leading RPA Tools

ClaySys works with top leaders in the robotic process automation industry and utilizes very powerful tools to implement RPA solutions.

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The opportunity is so significant that we do a FREE proof of concepts for prospective clients to demonstrate the productivity and efficiency gains when deploying RPA.
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Affordable Automation Solution

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