What we do

The Work We Do

ClaySys, as a technology consulting service provider, specializes in delivering IT solutions that make a positive impact on businesses. Our focus is not only on a successful technical implementation, but we are mindful of the business impact all through the project, to ensure we mould and tune the implementation to stay aligned with the key business objectives at all times. We work with a wide portfolio of technologies and products, to enable us to deliver real value to our customers and to provide consulting services to our customers with their existing investments in their technology platforms. If you have a defined requirement, our technology consultants would be able to plan, design and develop your custom solution, in most cases based on a fixed price engagement. The ability to engage on a fixed price basis is dependent on the client's solution requirements being defined in enough detail. We also have an option to support a client to initially create and finalize the requirements and design, at which point we could transition to a fixed price engagement for the development and final deliverable phase.

Why We Are Different

ClaySys has always focused on a partnership model and building long term relationships with our clients. So our focus is always the best interests of our clients, versus just a specific technology project. We believe in retaining key employees, as that ensures continuity of quality support to our clients, without the disruption associated with a constant churn and attrition with employees. Since we are a software product company as well, we try to adhere to the highest standards in terms of technology architecture, patterns, security practices, and solution scalability and maintainability.

Next Gen Service

RPA (Robotic Process Automation)

ClaySys has been at the forefront of automation consulting service for the last 5 years. We specialize in RPA Automation and have a number of key implementation in Financial Services especially, by automating data entry and business processes, between diverse Financial Software Applications, and human process touchpoints, while reducing manual tasks significantly. The efficiency gains for clients deploying RPA is easily between 30% to 80% depending on individual processes, as the BOTs work 24/7 with no breaks, and while reducing manual work is the most obvious productivity gain, RPA also increases the velocity of executing tasks, thus improving productivity even further.

Advantages of RPA

  • Automate Data Entry between Software Applications, and/or Cloud SAAS Solutions.
  • Automate tasks for data extraction to Excel, Data Entry from Excel to Apps.
  • Automate Processes that require orchestration of data and validations across Apps.
  • Monitor and prioritize RPA Work Queues, to prioritize tasks for the RPA BOT/s.
  • Logging and Analytics across all RPA Functions, to review and improve processes.

Your wish is my command

The NoCode Forms, Workflows & Apps

ClaySys AppForms is the leading NoCode/LowCode App development platform in the marketplace. The product was launched in 2010 and has been profiled by the analysts like Forrester Research since then. NoCode/LowCode Application development enables building software web applications 6X to 8X faster than traditional software development, and does not require developer level skills. NoCode/LowCode is also a development platform that ensures 'Futureproof' applications, with next-gen application security, through painless product version upgrades, and proactive security patches.


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ClaySys was founded in 2009 to bring to market high end technical consulting services for Web and Mobile development. The model delivers Enterprise Scale Architecture, Design, Development, and Quality Assurance Consulting services from its operations center. Our business model is structured to retain top talent for the long term, thus ensuring our clients benefit from the tenured technical consultants that are part of the ClaySys team. Most of our clients have long-term relationships with us, because of our true partnership based engagement model. We also have key relationships with product vendors related to specific solution sets, to ensure we can support our clients not only on software development but product customization consulting and integration with many key platforms such as Microsoft Azure Services, SalesForce, ServiceNow, Sitecore, SharePoint, WordPress, UiPath amongst many others.

We Support

ClaySys works with a number of platforms vendors to deliver end to end customer solutions. We comprehensively develop, implement and consult solutions on the Microsoft Platform through development on Visual Studio, Windows, Web, SQL Server, .NET Core and Azure. We also support cloud platforms like Amazon AWS and SalesForce. In the specific product vertical, we support Sitecore and WordPress for CMS solutions, SalesForce, and ServiceNow for CRM solutions. And we also support iOS/Android, Xamarin and Cordova for native Mobile Development, PHP/MySQL, ROR, PostgreSQL for open source development. We support both Windows and Linux server deployments.

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Our Experience

More Than 1200+ Projects
Serving clients in 14 Countries
Specialised in 8 Industries
Worked with 15+ Fortune 500 Companies

ClaySys has provided consulting services and development services for Fortune 50 to Fortune 500 level companies, as well as significantly smaller companies for their IT solutions and services. So, we are comfortable with the regulations and rigor required to work with the major organizations as well as the flexibility and agility required to work with the smaller organizations. We endeavor to build long-term partnerships with our clients, and that has been the secret to our success.

Digital Transformation

Strategy &
Business Process Mapping and Process Re-engineering to support strategic technology solutions and innovation.
Architecture, Design, Development, and Support for Product Development, and iterative innovation for version upgrades while maintaining backward compatibility.
We specialize in next-gen UI and UX design, through analyzing the target audience and user behaviour, especially in the rapidly evolving enterprise and consumer space.
We specialize in brand building, SEO, SEM, and lead generation through innovative digital marketing strategies.
Process Automation
With the rapid advances in RPA capabilities, we are able to support optimal business process automation, through automated workflows and task automation using RPA and ClaySys AppForms.

Our Major Clients

Who we are

ClaySys was founded to deliver technology solutions that positively impacted the business, versus just technology solutions that were technically excellent, but may not have delivered on the key business objectives. We achieve this through a structured methodology that maps the business impact on every aspect of the technology solution being designed and developed. The core team at ClaySys are tenured IT Consultants who were involved in large scale technology projects starting from the early nineties.

What we think

ClaySys has been able to deliver cutting edge technology consulting services by staying ahead of the curve. We share our findings and industry updates through our blog.

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