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The RPA BOT is copying data from an online e-commerce store and pasting it into an excel sheet in a matter of seconds.
Why automate repetitive tasks?

RPA helps you automate any repetitive tasks that are currently being performed manually. For example, RPA can be used to scrape the product details from the Amazon website to an excel sheet.

key features

Simple Drag And Drop Designer

Create RPA Workflows with an intuitive, context-aware drag and drop workflow designer. The workflow designer enables configuring RPA Solutions with a minimum learning curve.

UI Explorer

RPA Genie comes with a UI Explorer application that lets you inspect and explore the UI Elements on the screen. This way you can easily create RPA workflows that interact with the controls present on the desktop.

Extensibility using Custom packages

RPA Genie provides the ability to add custom functionality for creating custom activities as nuGet packages.

Version Control

Work on RPA Projects in a non-destructive way. Use the built-in version control so that you can keep the entire history of the changes made to the workflow.

Logging and Error Handling

RPA Genie comes with default Logging and Error Handling features. This helps diagnose and debug RPA workflows quickly and efficiently.

Bot Monitoring Tool

A central control panel where you can monitor every aspect of RPA genie. This helps to manage your robots that execute business processes.

Access control for Projects and Bot processes

RPA Genie comes with an Access control and security module where you can grant permissions for individual resources that a user has access to.

Automatic Triggering and Queuing

BMT comes with a scheduler that helps you start bots at specific time slots as required by the business process. Queues in BMT help the Bots queue up tasks for processing.

BOT Analytics

Visualize the progress of BOT processes based on the Queue items. You will also be able to see the efficiency of the Bots here.


Reliable automation partner

RPA Genie is being used by many organizations worldwide including but not limited to industries
such as finance, banking, credit unions, etc.

Getting started with RPA Genie

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Ready to see RPA Genie in action?

Tap into the platform's full set of capabilities for automating all types of work at scale.

how RPA genie works


Determine the scope of the automation and the RPA Genie modules to be used for said automation sequence.


Easy to use drag-and-drop automation builder to create RPA workflows. Achieve business process requirements and test them for deployment easily.


Spin up bots and deploy them to the secure environment where the automation needs to be executed.


Run the bot, sit back, and relax while RPA Genie does all your manual repetitive work.


Use the in-built bot monitoring tool to check the performance of all your bots through one centralized dashboard

Capabilities of Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation has a lot of potentials that most companies do not yet recognize the complete capabilities of RPA

Robots are computer
coded software

Robots enable the automation of
repetitive rule-based processes

Robots mimic
interaction of users

Robots work across functions and applications

  • Automate a large number of repetitive tasks without human intervention
  • Automate manual high volume data entry across multiple systems
  • Automatically move a high volume of data between software application, and/or Cloud SaaS Solutions
  • Extract data from PDFs, Excel sheets, scanned documents
  • Prepare automation reports and sent them on schedule
  • Automate repetitive tasks of the customer service system
  • Automate financial services by merging statements from
    numerous departments
  • Generate, archive & extract emails in bulk
  • Automate processes involving form filling & invoicing
  • Create decision-based workflows