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Introduction To ClaySys RPA Genie

ClaySys RPA Genie consists of three main modules. They are RPA Genie Studio, RPA Genie Agent & RPA Genie BOT Manager.

RPA Genie Studio

RPA Genie Studio is a visual designer that is used to create a robotic process automation. Using this component, you can design a process automation, run the automation and deploy it to local system or to the Bot Manager.

RPA Genie Agent

RPA Genie Agent is a host that executes the automations that we have created using the RPA Genie Studio. The agent can either run as a standalone bot or with multiple bots connected to the Bot Manager. The RPA Genie agent will be able to login to the Bot machine with a user account, and then perform the automation when it is triggered.

RPA Genie BOT Manager

RPA Genie BOT Manager is a web application that connects multiple bots and can manage each of the bots connected to it.

Using this component, you can add, schedule and monitor the automations present in the BOT Manager. Additionally, you will also be able to control automated bots and processes.