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RPA Genie System Requirements

The system prerequisites for RPA Genie are determined by the specific applications chosen for automation and the complexity of the business processes earmarked for automation. Nevertheless, here are the general, standard system requirements typically necessary for setting up an RPA Genie environment for Development (Dev), Quality Assurance (QA), and Production (Prod).

Hardware requirements

ProcessorBot Machine≥ Quad core 2.4 Ghz 64-bit (x64)
Bot Server
SQL Server
Memory (RAM)Bot Machine≥ 16 GB
Bot Server
SQL Server
Hard Disk Drive (HDD)Bot Machine≥ 25 GB free space (Recommended)
Bot Server≥ 50 GB free space (Recommended)
SQL Server≥ 100 GB free space (Recommended)

Software requirements

Bot machine*1

SoftwareCompatible Version
Operating systemWindows 10 or 11*2
OR ≥ Windows Server 2012*3

*1 : The number of bot machines required will be determined based on the number of automation to be automated and the concurrent automation running simultaneously.

*2 :  On a Windows machine (Windows 10 or 11), users can run only one automation at a time.

*3 : On the server machine, it is possible to run multiple automations concurrently on different user sessions. By default windows server supports two user sessions and can be increased using a terminal server license.

Additional Settings: Bot machine

FQDN sites mentioned in the bot server settings should have access from the Bot machine/s.

Bot Server

SoftwareCompatible Version
Operating systemWindows Server 2012
IIS (Internet Information Services)

Web Server (IIS)

Management Tools > IIS Management Console

Web Server > Common HTTP Feature
Default document
Directory Browsing
HTTP Errors
Static Content

Web Server > Health and Diagnostics
HTTP Logging
Logging Tools
Request Monitor

Web Server > Performance
Static content compression
Dynamic content compression

Web Server > Security
Request Filtering
Basic Authentication
Windows Authentication

Web Server > Application Development
.NET Extensibility
Application Initialization
ISAPI Extension
ISAPI Filters
Web Socket Protocol (Optional)

AppFormsEnterprise Edition version v4.5.2110.2903

PORTS – Bot Server:

443Default port for communication between Bots and Genie Server. *4

*4 : If 443 port is not available, then another port can be used.

Additional Settings: Bot server

Windows AuthenticationEnable Windows Authentication.
Anonymous AuthenticationEnable Anonymous Authentication. *5
SSL Certificate*6SSL Certificate for HTTPS Protocol.
FQDN – Fully Qualified Domain Name*7A fully qualified URL needs to be created and added to the DNS – to add the site bindings to access the site.
Application Pool IdentityApplication pool users should have access to the local files/folders. *8
Application pool users should have access to the Database instance. *9
User Account*10This user will be logging in to the bot server only to perform the installation. The user should be a local admin on the server.

*5  : Anonymous authentication gives users access to a website without prompting them for a username or password

*6 : Each of the sites, including Genie Service and Bot Manager, will need its own SSL certificate. If a wildcard certificate is not available, we will require separate SSL certificates for each of these sites.

*7 : Each of the sites will require its own Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) with unique subdomains. As examples, we can consider “” and

*8  : The application identity will need to access local files/folders to write logs/exceptions.

*9 : Application pool user should have db_owner, and db_creator permission at the time of installation. If the application pool cannot be given these permissions, then we can also use an SQL Service account having these permissions. The user permission can be changed to just Read/Write/Delete/Execute after the installation.

*10 : The user should be the local admin for the user to do the installation, which also involves modifying registry entries. This user/permission is only needed at the time of installation/upgradation/maintenance.

MS SQL Server*11

SoftwareCompatible Version
Operating systemWindows Server 2012
MS SQL Server≥ MS SQL 2019

*11 : The SQL Server can also be configured as a shared instance.

PORTS – Bot Server:

1433Default port for communication between Genie server and the SQL Server machine.

Additional Settings: SQL server

Windows AuthenticationEnable Windows Authentication. *12

*12 : We recommend using Windows authentication, but if you choose to use an SQL service account, there is no need for Windows authentication.