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Demo Project using String Activities (Part 2)

Below, you will find the video link of a demo about these activities to understand them in a better manner. In this demo, we will learn about some String Activities. First, we’ll create a sample string variable and we can give any text value as the default value. Then, we’ll see how to split the string by giving a separator, which will then be stored as separate elements in a list. This can be achieved by using the Split String Activity.

We’ll see how to replace a particular character of the string variable with a different character by using the String Replace Activity.

For the Substring Activity, we’ll see how to get the substring of the string by giving the index from where the substring starts and the length of the substring.

 Next, we’ll see how to convert the entire string variable to Lowercase letters by using the To Lowercase Activity. Similarly, we’ll see how to convert the entire string variable to uppercase letters by using the To UpperCase Activity. Finally, we’ll learn how to trim the spaces that are there either towards the left or right of where the text starts from in the string variable.

Activities Used“Split String, String Replace, To LowerCase, To UpperCase, Trim, Message Box”
Video Link