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Adding a Trigger Alert

On the Trigger Alert page, the user has the option to give an Alert name of their choice and the email id of the person to whom the alert email will be sent. The user can give multiple email ID’s separated by Comma (,). The user has to check the Enabled check box in order to make this Alert active. Next, the Trigger name has to be selected from the drop-down list for which the Alert has to be assigned. After selecting the Trigger name, the user has one option for Trigger Alert. It will be when Trigger is disabled. The user can select this Alert type and the template name can be selected the from dropdown box next to it and then click on the save button to save the Alert.

  • Trigger Disabled – This alert will be sent whenever the recurring time trigger gets auto-disabled if the triggered jobs are throwing the same error for the configured count in the time trigger section.