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Demo project using Workflow Activities

Below, you will find the video link of a demo about these activities to understand them in a better manner. First, we will create two variables of integer type. Then, we will assign values to these variables using the multiple assign activity.

Next, we will use an assign activity, in the “to” field, we will create a new variable of integer type and in the “value” field, we will give the sum of the variables which we created initially. Then the result of the new variable can be shown in a message box.

Next, we will create a List of five elements. We will loop through this list using the For Each activity and display each item of the list using a message box.

We will then see how the “break” activity works. By using a decision activity inside the ForEach loop, we can check whether a particular element exists. If the element does exist, it should break from the ForEach loop.

Next, instead of the break activity, we will replace it with a continue activity, so if a particular element exists, it will skip that element and move onto the next element.

 We will create a new sequence and create a variable called varCounter with value as 1. Using the loop activity, we will give a condition such that as long as varCounter is equal to or less than 5, it should display the value of varCounter and in each run it should increment the value of varCounter by 1.

Then, we will learn how to use the Throw error activity and Retry the sequence.

 Finally, we will integrate both the sequences using the invoke sequence activity in the main sequence and give a Write Line activity at the end.

Activities Used“Multiple Assign, Assign, Message Box, For Each, Break, Continue, Loop, Decision, Throw Error, Retry the Sequence, Invoke Sequence, Write Line”
Video Link