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BOT Manager Notification Template


Model VariableDescription
MachinenameThe Name of the Machine
StartDateTimeAgent Service start Date and Time.
EndDateTimeAgent Service end Date and Time.


Model VariablesDescription
AccountNameAccount Name of robot session.
StartDateTimeThe robot session’s start date and time.
EndDateTimeThe robot session’s end date and time, only if Robot is disconnected.
MachineNameThe name of the Machine.
RobotNameThe name of the connected Robot.
RobotIdThe connected Robot’s ID.


Model VariableDescription
RobotNameName of the connected Robot.
RobotIdThe Id of the connected robot.
CreatedByAuthor of the job.
AccountNameName of robot session’s account.
SourceThe source of the job.
StartDateTimeCreated job’s start Date and Time.
EndDateTimeCreated job’s end Date and Time.
ProcessNameProcess name of the job.
ProcessIdThe job’s process Id.
ErrorMessageIf the job fails, the error message is displayed.
ErrorSourceIf the job is faulted, the source of the mistake is displayed.
JobIdJob’s Id of the scheduled job.
CreatedDateTimeThe scheduled job’s created Date and Time.
RequestedDateTimeThe scheduled job’s requested Date and Time.
ExpiredTimeEnd Date and Time of the scheduled job.
ArgumentsArguments of the scheduled job.
StatusThe status of the job.


Model VariableDescription
TransactionIdThe transaction ID of the Robot Transaction.
QueueItemIdThe Queue Item’s ID.
KeyThe Queue item’s key.
QueueNameThe name of the Queue.
QueueIdThe queue ID.
DescriptionDescription of the queue is specified here.
DeadlineDeadline of queue item.
PostponeThe date on which the queue item will be postponed.
CreatedDatetimeThe queue item’s created DateTime.
CreatedByThe queue item’s author.
PriorityThe item’s priority in the queue.
ReviseStatusBoolean that represents the queue item’s revised status.
ReviseByThe user who edited the queue item.
ReasonThe reason for the modification.
OutputThe output of the transaction.
ProgressProgress of the transaction.
ErrorTypeThe type of error that is either application or business.
TransactionNameName of the transaction.
TransactionItemThe items of the transaction.
ReferenceThe reference of the transaction.
STATUSThe transaction’s current status.
EndDateTimeThe transaction’s end date and time.
StartDateTimeTransaction’s start date and time.
ProcessNameName of the process.
RobotNameThe name of the Robot.
SessionIdThe robot session Id.