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Mail Template

Here you can see the default template name available in the system. and also the user has an option to create new mail template by clicking on the ADD button. The user can also click show filter and search for the predefined or newly created templates by giving the template name in the Search Field. There is a refresh button that helps to re-load all the available templates.

How to customize the mail template

While customizing the Mail template you can give a meaningful template name and a subject line. The User can customize the Subject line of the notification mail by using the BOT manager notification template. When it comes to the Body of the mail you need to follow the below templates in order to get the ROBOT, QUEUE, MACHINE and JOB details. Format for creating the Body is @model.[Model Variable].

Please note: Model variable name can be taken from the below table.

Below is an example of BODY template for category ROBOTConnected.

Windows Account Name: @Model.AccountName

Connected Date&Time:    @Model.StartDateTime

Machine Name:                 @Model.MachineName

Message:          The Robot @Model.RobotName was connected.

Screenshot of rendered mail body

Adding a new Mail Template

The user can click on ADD button to create a new mail template. Here the user has to give the Template Name, Category, Subject and Body. Body of the mail follows the same rule which is mentioned above in the Mail Template section. Click on save button to save the template.

Editing an Existing Template

User has to click on the Edit button next to the respective template name if the user wants to edit the template. When you click on the Edit button, you will see a mail template edit window in which the user can alter the Template name, Category, Subject of the mail and Body of the Email.

Deleting an Existing Template

User has to click on the Delete button next to the respective template name if the user wants to delete the template. When we click the Delete, a Warning pop-up window will appear, giving us the opportunity to either confirm the deletion by selecting the “OK” option or to cancel it.