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FAQs – RPA Genie BOT Manager

RPA Genie Bot Manager is a web application that connects multiple bots and can manage each of the bots connected to it. Using this component, you can connect multiple bots to the bot manager, add, schedule, monitor the automation, and control automated bots and processes.

Q: What is RPA Genie? what does it do? Explain RPA Genie BOT Manager.

A: RPA Genie is an automation platform developed by ClaySys. The core purpose of RPA Genie is to automate tasks and business processes.

RPA genie Bot Manager is built on AppForms that enables you to manage your Robots in executing business processes.

Q: What are key features of RPA Genie BOT Manager?

A: The key features of RPA Genie are as follows:

  • Deployment: RPA Genie Bot Manager can help you deploy your bots to a variety of environments.
  • Monitoring: RPA Genie Bot Manager provides real-time monitoring of your bots, so you can quickly identify and troubleshoot any problems.
  • Troubleshooting: RPA Genie Bot Manager provides a variety of tools to help you troubleshoot your bots, including audit logs, status, timestamp, etc.
  • Security: RPA Genie Bot Manager provides security features to protect your bots and data.

Q: Is RPA Genie Server a Windows service? Can it be run as an AD user account of our choosing?

A: RPA Genie Server is a service that is hosted on the IIS. Hence, you will be able to run as any AD user.

Q: RPA Genie BOT Manager – how often do the bots/agents report back into the Genie Bot Manager? And, what does that traffic overhead look like?

A: The traffic overhead will be based on the number of automation and the type of automation that is configured. BOTs perform the logging to the BOT Manager based on the actions performed by the BOTS. Each action is recorded to the BOT service.

Q: Since this is a web-based application, do you only utilize IIS or is there a lot of other software that complements the IIS web service (like a full-blown application install)?

A: We only use IIS.

Q: If we delete a process, is there a possibility of losing the statistical data that we were tracking such as time saved, number of transactions, etc.?

A: It will not affect statistical data.

Q: Is it possible for us to rename the Robot Name in BMT which wouldn’t affect the actual machine name or AD user name. We are aware that its possible in the Robot details part but would it affect the process in any way?

A: It’s possible to change the robot name on the Robot edit page of Bot Manager. And it won’t affect the actual machine name or AD user name. (Make Sure we have the latest stable Appforms Extension Installed).

Q: Can we restrict a BMT user to use only one bot machine?

A: Currently, We don’t have support to limit the users to use only one bot machine.