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RPA Genie Server Architecture

RPA Genie can be set up using Virtual Machines/Physical Machines for each of the BOTs. There are two different architectures that RPA Genie can set up:

  1. Independent BOT Machines Architecture
  2. Terminal Server Architecture

Independent BOT Machine Architecture

In the independent Bot machine architecture, the resources for each machine will be allocated separately and the robots can be created based on the user license. In this case, there will be multiple robot machines based on the number of automations to be automated and the number of parallel automations that run at the same time. If a single machine fails, then the other machines will not get affected and it will continue with the assigned automation.

Terminal Server Architecture

In the Terminal Server architecture, it is possible to create multiple robots under different user accounts, each dedicated to interacting with distinct applications or processes. The execution of processes on the terminal server relies on “Terminal Server user licensing”. It’s important to note that each robot created within the terminal server environment will share the allocated resources of the terminal server.