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User management in BOT Manager

Add new user

The steps shown below will provide a clear understanding on how to add a new user to the BOT Manager. In order for a user to have access to the features of BOT Manager, the user must be first added by the admin.

1. Open BOT Manager, click on the Gear Icon and select the Designer.

Once we click on the Designer option, it will redirect to AppForm’s designer window.

2. Click on the Manage Security.

 On the top left of the window, you will have to click on Manage Security Tab.

Manage Security Wizard will be displayed after clicking on Manage security.

3. Click on the User Management.

From the available options, click on the User Management Icon and then click on the ADD user at the bottom of the manage security window.

4. Add user details.

Provide the required User details, select appropriate role, create a password and then click on save button.

You will see four roles while adding a new user. Select the appropriate user role as mentioned below.

Default RolesPermission
UserThis role has the limited permission in BOT Manager. This role can access only home page and workflow dashboard where the forms are hosted.
AdministratorThis role has full permission in Bot Manager.
DesignerThis role can view the designer as well as home page but No Access to ”Security”, “Navigation Settings” and “Manage Tenant”.
Limited AccessThe user will have the Designer privilege without workflow feature access.

While adding a new user, in the “Is ADUser” field you will see a dropdown in which you can select Yes or No. If you select ‘Yes’ then user can login via windows authentication and it is not required to create a separate password. If you select ‘No’, user can login via Forms authentication and password has to be created for the same.

After completing the steps, a new user will get added and the details will be shown in the list of users in BMT.

To provide the user Permission

1. Go to Security Tab.

To set the permission, Go to security tab in BOT Manager and under the user tab click on edit button next to the user.

Note: A user without any roles does not have access to any resource.

Here you can search the user with the username and assign the roles.

2. Role Details

Here you can assign the appropriate role to the user and click on save button to provide the permission to the user.
Note: Authorized users or admins can only add roles and manage permissions for the users in Roles.

3. Default Roles

Default RolesPermission
AdministratorFull access to Studio and Bot Manager.
BOT Monitor AdministratorFull access only to BOT Manager.
RPA DeveloperFull access to BOT Manager (except security) and Studio.
BOT Monitor UserFull access to BOT Manager (except security) and no access to studio.
RobotAll permission required for the execution of processes.

To Change a user password

Admin is authorized to change password of all the users who are login through Forms authentication using the below steps.

NB: The password will be automatically updated for the Windows authenticated users when it is changed in the active directory. Here you will be able to change passwords for Forms Authentication users only.

1. Click on the Manage Security.

Manage Security Wizard will be displayed after clicking on Manage security.

2. Click on the User Management.

You will see the list of active users here, find the user for whom you want to change the password and click on the edit user next to the username.

3. Changing the password.

The user information form appears. Enter the new password in the password and retype password fields. Then Click on Update Button.

NB: Clear the fields before entering a new password.

New password is updated for the user.