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Project Properties

There are two types of settings available under a project. When we double click on the properties option in the Project Explorer panel, a project settings window will appear.

We will also be able to see a Settings option, once we expand the properties tab. Once we double click on the settings options, it will take us to another window where we will be able to add settings as per our requirement.

Project Properties by double clicking properties

Below are the four options available in Project properties:

  1. General settings
  2. Global Variable
  3. Assemblies
  4. UI Automation settings

General settings

Here you can alter the project name, title and add a description for the project. You can also add an icon image for the project that you are creating which can be seen in the RPA Genie co-pilot. In the activity idle timeout field, you can set the time in minutes. An activity will move to an unresponsive state, if the activity does not execute within the time that has been specified in the Activity Idle Timeout Field.

Global Variable

In the case of creating variables for a project, we can use them only within the scope of a sequence in a process. However, In Global Variables, you can create variables of any value type which can be used throughout the entire project.


Here you can inject or add multiple external DLL (Dynamic Link Library) which are not available in RPA genie.

UI Automation settings

These are the settings that are applicable to all the activities inside UI automation under the activities tab. Here, we can set the timings for Delay after, delay before and timeout. The activities related to UI Automation will execute as per the specified time.

Settings by Right clicking properties

In this section, we can add any data type which can be reused across the entire project. Here, we can add settings and assign values to these settings, which can be used as a constant setting throughout the project.