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Demo Project using Excel Activities (Part 1)

Below, you will find the video link of a demo about these activities to understand them in a better manner. First, we will create a test excel file on the desktop. Then, we will use a website which has a list of different cryptocurrencies and its details. We will extract the table from the website using the Extract Data Table activity and then assign it to a variable of DataTable type.

Next, we will see how to open the previously created excel file using the Open Excel Application activity. We will create a new sheet to this excel file using the set active sheet activity and we will write the extracted DataTable to the excel file using the write range activity. We will also see how to write some value to a particular cell in the excel file. Finally, we will learn how to remove the data from the excel file using the Delete Range activity.

Activities Used“Get Window, Extract DataTable, Open Excel Application, Set Active Sheet, Write Range, Write Cell, Delete Range, Close Workbook”
Video Link