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Demo Project using Element – Find Activities

Below, you will find the video link of a demo about these activities to understand them in a better manner. We will first open, Search for “w3 HTML Table” using the set text activity. Click on the first link from the search results. Next, on the w3 schools web page, wait for the “HTML Tables” element to appear. Then, check if the Table element exists. If the table exists, it should display a message saying “Table exists”, otherwise it should throw an error. We can then retrieve the child elements of the table element using the Find Children Activity. Next, loop through the table, and extract the text from each row using the get text activity and finally display each extracted text in a message box.

Activities Used“Open Browser, Maximize, Set Text, Send Hotkey, Find Element, Click, Element Appear, Element Exists, Decision, Throw Error, For Each, Get Text, Message Box”
Video Link