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RPA Genie Logical Architecture


RPA Genie Platform has three layers, they are Client, Server, and Data.

Client: This layer consists of a Robot machine.

The Robot machines would consist of three components as outlined below.

  1. RPA Genie Studio: RPA Genie Studio is a visual designer that is used to create a robotic process automation.
  2. RPA Genie Agent: RPA Genie Agent is the host that executes the automation that we have created using the RPA Genie Studio.
  3. RPA Genie Agent Service: This is a Windows service that connects and establishes communication with robot machines and Bot Manager for automation.

Server: This Layer consists of a Bot Manager.

The Bot Manager server would consist of two components as outlined below.

  1. Bot Manager: Bot manager is a web application that can connect multiple bots to the bot manager, add, schedule, monitor the automation, and also control automated bots and processes.
  2. RPA Genie Service: RPA Genie Service is a back-end service that is hosted in the IIS containing four components as mentioned below:
    • API: This component consists of restful APIs and OData APIs that help to communicate between Bots and Database.
    • Bot Monitoring: This component allows to monitor all kinds of events (Machine, Robot, Job, Queue & trigger) that are occurring across the Robots. This monitoring service will also send mail notifications based on the bot manager alerts.
    • Nuget Service: This component will act as the central package repository used by all the robots. Nuget packages will help to build tailor-made activities as per the requirements.
    • Identity: This component will provide authentication and authorization to all the robots and Bot manager login. This acts as a middleware that enables the user to Log in/Log out, token/Authorize, and other API protocol endpoints. Authentication can be possible with Windows (Active Directory – AD) and Forms as per the
    • requirements. We can define a specific set of permissions for automation and different features of the Bot manager.

Data: RPA Genie uses the relational Database SQL to store all the metadata of the RPA Genie components like Robot, Processes, Queues, Triggers, Resources, etc.

RPA Genie Logical Architecture Technical Diagram