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FAQs – RPA Genie Agent

RPA Genie Agent is a host that executes the automation that we have created using the RPA Genie Studio. The agent can either run as a standalone bot or with multiple bots connected to the Bot Manager. The RPA Genie agent will be able to login to the Bot machine with a user account, and then perform the automation when it is triggered.

Q: What is RPA Genie? what does it do? Explain RPA Genie Agent.

A: RPA Genie is an automation platform developed by ClaySys. The core purpose of RPA Genie is to automate tasks and business processes.

RPA Genie Agent is a bridge between RPA Genie Studio and BOT Manager in which you are able to manage processes, and register and connect robots to the BOT Manager.

Q: What are the key features of RPA Genie Agent?

A: The key features of RPA Genie are as follows:

  • Easy to install and configure: RPA Genie Agent is easy to install and configure, and it does not require any special permissions.
  • Robust: RPA Genie Agent is designed to handle even the most complex automation scenarios.
  • Scalable: RPA Genie Agent can be scaled to support a large number of bots.

Q: Wouldn’t we likely run our enterprise-level implementation with a Bot Manager and not as a standalone bot?

A: Yes, for any enterprise-level setup we would have a BOT manager. This would help in tracking, analyzing, and verifying the automation and also help us manage the BOTs and the automation efficiently.

Q: Anytime you install the RPA Genie Studio on a computer, do you need to install the Genie Agent as well?

A: Anytime you install RPA Genie Studio, the Genie Agent will get automatically installed.

Q: What is the licensing model followed? Is it per Agent?

A: The licensing model is site licensing. With this model, you will be able to set up any number of Attended or Unattended bots across all the environments.

Q: Would you need the Agent running on any Server Desktop or system it touches?

A: The BOTs need to be installed only on the BOT machines (desktop where we perform automation). All the applications that the BOT needs to interact with need to be installed in the BOT machine and credentials should be provided to login to the corresponding applications (web/windows).

Q: If the need was to look at an Excel file on a File Server and recursively go through it to look for any amount that is over $10,000 and export those rows to another Excel file on that File server, would an Agent need to be installed on the File server as well or just the RPA Genie Application server?

A: For this case we will need to set up a BOT machine (desktop/server) that has access to these files/folders. The RPA Agent need not be installed in the File server. Consider each BOT machine as your digital assistant/employee. These resources will have their own workstation to perform the actions for the automation. Each of these resources will be able to perform any tasks/automation if it has all the applications needed for the automation installed and configured in the BOT Machine/Workstation.