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Start Job

In order to start a Job, the user should add the Process before running it as a Job.

  • Select Dashboard, click on the Start Job button. Then the Select Process window will be exhibited.
  • Processes: From the Processes dropdown list, Select the desired Process.
  • Priority: The BOT Manager URL is accessible on the net, so that this can be used by multiple users. If multiple users use the BOT at the same time, there may be chances where the BOT may not run the right jobs according to the required priority. Therefore, we can set the priority to High, Medium or Low. If the Priority is the same for some jobs, then the jobs will be executed on First come First serve basis.
  • Robot Name: Filter the Robot list by giving the name of the Robot in the Robot Name field.
  • Select the BOT(s) through which the Process will be run.
  • Click on Start. The Select Process window closes and the Job Starts through a BOT according to the options which the user has opted. The Status along with details such as Robot Name, Process Name, Start Date & Time, End Date & Time will be displayed in the Robot Job List.