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Add Resource

On the top right, we have the Add option. Once we click on the “Add” button, a new Add Resource window will get displayed.

  • Give the appropriate Resource name in the Resource Name field. The name can be any combination of characters, digits, or underscores. However, the name should not begin with a number and there shouldn’t be any spaces between the characters. 
  • Select the Resource value’s type from the Type dropdown. There are 5 different types of Resource values that can be selected. They are –  
    • Text – Only strings are stored in text. 
    • Boolean – true or false values are referred to as Boolean values. 
    • Integer – A type of data that exclusively stores whole numbers. 
    • Secure String- A string type that provides a measure of security which stores data in an encrypted format.
    • Credential – This type allows us to store a username and password. 
  • Give the description of the Resource in the Description field (NB: optional). 
  • In the Value field, provide the Resource Value in accordance with the type of the Resource value which was selected above. 
  • To update the Resource through RPA Genie Studio using the “Update Resource” activity, the “Editable” toggle button must be enabled for that particular resource in the Bot Manager.