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Demo Project using Mail Activities (Part 1)

Below, you will find the video link of a demo about these activities to understand them in a better manner. Here, we will learn how to send an Outlook mail using the Send Outlook Mail Message activity. Then, we will see how to get the received mail using the Get Outlook Mail Message activity. The mail will be stored to a list variable. We can then access that mail using the 0th index of the mail list and assigning it to a variable of mail message type. We can display different details of that mail such as subject or body using a message box. Next, we will see how to move a mail from the inbox folder to a separate test folder which we have created in Outlook. Finally, we will see how to save an attachment of a mail to a local folder.

Activities Used“Send Outlook Mail Message, Get Outlook Mail Message, Decision, Assign, Message Box, Save Attachments, Move Outlook Mail Message”
Video Link