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Steps to Check In a Process

When the user is done editing the project, they can Check In, which will make it available for others to check out and work on. This approach assists in managing several concurrent development projects, keeping track of version history, and avoiding data loss or overwriting of changes made by different team members.

  • There are three ways to access the Source Control –
    • Right-click on a Project and select the Check In All option. The Check In All option is used to check-in all the processes that come under the project.
    • By clicking the source control icon on the right-hand side of the designer panel.
    • Right-click on a Project and select the Check In option for a particular Process, UIWindow, etc.
  • Once the process is Checked In, in the “Project Explorer” we will be able to see a lock symbol beside the process that we had checked in as shown in the above image.
  • After accessing the Source Control panel, we will be able to see a list. This list may consist of a project, Processes, Folders, Files, UIWindow, or a combination of all depending on what the user has created or modified.
  • Suppose the list has only processes within it, then we can select either a single process or multiple processes depending on the requirement.
  • Next, we need to add a comment in the comments field and then finally click on the Commit button to Check-In the selected processes.