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Essential System Requirements for ClaySys AppForms

AppForms Server Specifications

Application Server Software requirement for AppForms

• 64-bit edition of Windows Server 2012 Standard or later version of windowsserver.
• CPU: Intel Xeon E5 or higher processor with minimum 8 cores.
• RAM Minimum 16 GB (Depends on the number of users, the core and RAM may have to be increased) .
• Microsoft .NET Framework version 4.5+ and if TLS 1.2 is enabled in the server 4.7.1 is required.
• IIS 7.5+
• SSL Certificates need to be added to the server for HTTPS installation (HTTPS is recommended).
• A fully qualified URL need to be created and added to the DNS – to add the site bindings to access the site.
• Need to confirm that the ports are open in the firewall.

SQL Server (Database server)

• Microsoft SQL Server 2016 or later versions.
• SQL Server service account to access the database (should have owner permission).
Application pool user
• Application Pool should have permission to access the folders/local admin user.
• Application Pool user credentials required to run the installer.
• For windows SQL authentication, the Application pool user should have DB owner access permission to the SQL server.

SQL Connection

• To connect to the SQL Server, MS SQL server name, login credentials are required.
• Authentication can be Windows or SQL server authentication.
• For windows SQL authentication, the Application pool user should have DB owner access permission to the SQL server and since machine login user details will be auto selected in server login credentials, it is need to login to the server as Application Pool user.
• For SQL user connection, corresponding credentials should be available and given in the connection page. This can be checked by clicking on the test connection in the wizard.

Minimum Windows server features to be enabled in the Application Server

In Server Roles,

  • Under Web Server IIS,
    a. Basic and windows authentication under Security.

b. Static Content and Dynamic Content compression under Performance.

In Features,

  • Under .NET framework 4.5
    a. HTTP Activation and TCP Activation under WCF services.

Enterprise version Prerequisites

  • framework 4.5 should be installed.
  • Read and Write permission in registry.
  • Disk space to setup AppForms(minimum 50MB).
  • User should have administrative privileges.
  • IIS 7 or 7+.
  • SQL server 2008 or later.
  • Application Request Routing 3.0 and URL rewriting module (for load balancing environment).