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We can enable or disable the repeating property of the external form by using this rule, instead of designer.
Step 1: Create a form with two buttons ‘Enable ‘and ‘disable’ and an ‘External form’. The form would look like the below figure

Figure 1

Step 2: Uncheck the ‘Repeat Property’ of the form in the external form properties

Figure 2

Step 3: Enter the rule as per the below syntax and append a button trigger (‘RepeaterDisableQuickAction’ and ‘Enable’) to it.
Syntax: RepeaterEnableQuickAction (ExternalFormName, True/False)
The rules can be generated automatically using the ‘expression generator’. The figure below explains the generation of rules.

Figure 3
Figure 4

The rules generated would look like the below figure

Figure 5
Figure 6

Step 4: If enable quick action is true then the actions, repeat/ remove/ change view should perform and if the enable quick action is false then none of the quick menu actions should take place. Here , if the check box of the ‘Repeat Property’ is clicked in the designer, then the condition in the rule is set as false and if the same checkbox is unchecked, then the condition is set as ‘true’ and it is triggered using the buttons , ‘RepeaterDisableQuickAction’ and ‘Enable’ respectively.

Figure 7
Figure 8

NB: The ‘Enable’ and ‘Disable’ works only for the parent form.