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Edit your AppForm Rules

In ClaySys AppForms Rules play a key role in the configuration part. Most users will be keen to know how to modify a current rule or create loops using sub rules. Here We’re demonstrating how to edit and modify rules.

  • Drag and drop a textbox control and a button control.
  • On the trigger of the button create these rules .
  • A prompt box will appear after the right click. Select Add Decision to add a decision.
  • Type the decision in the decision box.

Creating SubRules
Sub rules are rules within a rule. It is mandatory that sub rules can only be declared inside a Decision. To add a subrule right click the decision box and select Add Rule from the prompt box.

Inside a subrule we can again add actions and decisions according to the need of the user.

To add an action thereafter right click the decision and select Add Action from the prompt box.

Thereafter the user can add actions in the actions tab. The complete rule will look like this,

So in this scenario we are checking an age criteria using sub rule. We have a button and a text box. When the user enter the age in the text box and on the click of the button the needed message should display.