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Create a new Web Service Data source

  • Click on ‘Data-source Settings’ .
Figure 1
  • In the DataSource wizard, select the DataSource Type as WebService.
Figure 2

  • Enter the Title for WebService DataSource.

Figure 3
  • Add some description to the WebService DataSource
  • Enter URL for the WebService ( Source server for the DataSource )
  • Add User Name and User Password for authenticating the DataSource connection.
Figure 6
  • Select ‘Make it Public’ for the availability of created DataSource across all the sites. User name and Password are not required for this Public Web service.
Figure 7

Figure 8
  • Click on the save icon to insert or update the DataSource.
  • A message will pop up indicating the successful insertion.

Figure 9

DataSource deletion

  • Click on the delete icon to delete DataSource.
  • A message will pop up indicating the deletion.

Figure 10

  • Click on the clear icon to clear the fields.

Configure WebService with the form

  • As shown in figure 11 create a form by Dragging required controls to the form.
Figure 11
  • Go to the DataSource option on the left side of the Appforms and click on the Create DataSource option.
Figure 12

  • Select the “WebService” option and Click the Ok button.
Figure 13
  • Select the configured WebService from which the data needs to be retrieved and click the Next button.
Figure 14
  • Click on the “Add” button to configure the Select command. Datasource operation can be defined only for ‘Select’ .
Figure 15
  • Select the DataSource object and Click on the Next button as shown in the Figure below.
Figure 16

  • Click on the next button.
Figure 17
  • Enter the control name for the selected DataSource object for XML request. For example in the request XML view, give control name ‘txtZipCode ‘ as Zip .click on the Next Button.
Figure 18
  • A sample SOAP response shows. Click ‘Next’ to continue.
Figure 19
  • In the response XML view,Map the required Columns and Click the Next Button. DataSource operation for ‘Select’ is now defined.
Figure 20
  • Once the Data source operation is defined, it is bound to a control or event that triggers its execution. It is given by ‘Add Trigger’ button. So that the corresponding ExecuteCommand rules will be created with associated trigger.
Figure 21
  • Created Rule for Selecting the WebService is shown in figure 23.
Figure 23