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Cut or copy paste Rule items

Previously we can cut, copy and paste “Rules, Actions, Decisions” in the same form. But now inAppforms it is universal, means you can cut / copy from one Form and paste to another Form. It also allows to move the “Rules, Actions, Decisions” from tab to tab, browser to browser and from one version to another version. If you copy a rule and paste over any root rule, it will ask for replacing the existing rule. This is a new change in feature.

Copying Actions, Decisions form to form.

1.Select the Feature Designer as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1

2.Create a New Folder and within that folder create a New Form.

Figure 2

3.Open the working forms in different tabs and in the first form click the rule picker and you can view the rules written in that form and select the rule that you want to copy it another form that is open in another tab.

Figure 3

4.Right click on the action / rule and click copy or cut to pick the rule from this form.

Figure 4

5.Now open the next tab in which the second form lies and pick the rule to which you want to paste this action, right click on it and select paste option in the popup window you can see that the action you have copied from the other form is get pasted in this form.

Figure 5

6. Now you can see that the copied action is pasted to this rule.

Figure 6

Copying Rules form to form.
1. To copy a complete rule from one form to another you can follow the same methods as above mentioned just right click on rule name and select copy or cut.


2.Then open the other form in the next tab. Then add a new root rule

Figure 2.1

And click on rule name and select paste in the popup window a confirmation popup triggers and asks for replacing the rule.

Figure 2.2

When clicking on OK button the copied rule from form1 will be pasted here and it will act as a new rule. Change the existing control names in the rule to the actual control names in form2.

3.To add a root rule of one form as a sub rule in another form you need to follow all these methods (copy the root rule) then go to the second form in the next tab. Then select the rule in which you want to add it as a sub rule. Add the decision and click paste on that decision to add this rule as a sub rule to that root rule.

Figure 3.1

Now you can see that the rule that you have copied will be added as the sub rule in the other form.

Figure 3.2


  • We should consider it like a template. After pasting, the controls name inside the form should be changed accordingly.
  • Cut the rule which is in root level is not applicable. But you can copy it
  • You can cut / copy the rule which is a sub rule to any root rule and you can set it as root or sub rule in the second form.