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The TextBox server control is an input control that lets the user enter text. By default, the TextMode of the control is set to singleLine, which displays a single-line text box. However, you can set the TextMode to multiLine to display a multi-line text box (which renders as a text area element).

Control Name: TextBox
Group: Standard

S.noProperty nameData typeDescription
Default Value
StringSet the value to be displayed in textbox in preview
2Accept returnStringAllows user to enter multi lines in the textbox
3TooltipStringThe texts that needs to be displayed when the user hover the mouse pointer over the control, without clicking it.
4Tab IndexIntegerSets the Tab order for the control within its container.
To make a comment or observation about the control for reference.
6Max LengthIntegerSets the maximum length of characters that can be entered in textbox.
7Text CaseStringSet the type of data that can be entered in textbox.
8Enable SpellcheckBooleanEnables to check the spelling of data entered in Textbox.
9Check DirtyBooleanNotifies the user to check the dependent control values are changed.
10Is DirtyBooleanTo check whether the existing value in the textbox is changed or not.
Attached Label
S.noProperty nameData typeDescription
11Show LabelBooleanTo display the attached label along with the control.
12Label TextStringSets the text content of the label attached to the control.
Label Position
To place the label attached in various positions around the control.
14Label WidthStringSets the suggested width or thickness of the label attached to the control.
15Label Height
Sets the suggested height of the label attached to the control.
16Text AlignmentStringTo align the texts inside the label attached to different positions within the control.
17MarginStringSets the edge or outer margin to the control.
18FontStringSets the font face\style.
19Font SizeStringSets the size of the text in attached label.
20BoldBooleanTo make the attached label text Bold
21ItalicBooleanItalicize the attached label text.
22UnderlineBooleanUnderline the attached label text.
23Font ColorStringSets a brush that describes the Font color in attached label.
24Background ColorStringSets a brush that describes the Background color to the attached label.
25ItemsOn clicking Browse button of the items will open a datasource window
S.noProperty nameData typeDescription
26WidthStringSets the suggested width or thickness of the control.
27HeightStringSets the suggested height of the control.
28Text AlignmentStringSpecifies whether the text to be left-aligned, Center –aligned or right-aligned
29MarginStringSets the edge or outer margin to the control.
30FontStringSets the font face\style.
31Font SizeStringSets the font size.
32Font ColorStringSets a brush that describes the Text color of the control.
33Background ColorStringSets a brush that describes the Background color of the control.
34VisibleBooleanSets the visibility of the control while rendering.
35EnableBooleanSets the accessibility of the control during rendering.
36BoldBooleanTo make the control text Bold.
37ItalicBooleanItalicize the control text.
38Column SpanStringTo merge the number of column specified.
S.noProperty nameData typeDescription
39RulesAfter selecting the control, If user clicks Rules tab it will be expanded and displays a Rules property. Create Rule can be selected from a drop down list. On clicking the Create Rule link button will navigate the user to the Rules Engine. The same control will be added as a trigger by default to execute the Rule.
40Invoke On PressSets the textbox to gets invoked on each key press
Example : If the maximum length of the textbox is set to 3 and by selecting this property we can set focus to the next control to be focused after the textbox is filled up with the 3rd character
S.noProperty nameData typeDescription
41Is RequiredBooleanHelps to check whether user has to give input in the control or not. If this property is enabled, this will not allow the user to save a form without giving the input.
42Required MessageStringIf Is Required property was enabled and input was given in this property, the validation message will be displayed to the next right of the control when the user trying to save a form without entering a value in the control.
43Regular ExpressionStringA sequence of symbols and characters expressing a string or pattern to be searched for within a longer piece of text.
44Expression MessageStringThe message to be displayed when Regular Expression fails
S.noProperty nameData typeDescription
45Control ReportControl Report will redirect to Reports tab that will display all the configurations, rules and datasources details associated to the selected control.

Auto Height-The control will automatically adjust its height to allow its content to be displayed correctly.

MaxHeight – Restrict the Control to a Height, if Auto height is enabled. The control will grown only up-to Max height value.

Encode Value – Encode special characters from the Text Box before inserting to SQL table.