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Different Selected Value for PeoplePicker


The People Picker control is used to find and select people, groups, and claims when a site, list, or library owner assigns permissions. Here, different values can be set to the PeoplePicker.

  1. Select the Designer as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1

2. Create a New Folder and within that folder create a New Form.

Figure 2

3. Create a form to send Email and Drag a PeoplePicker control for selecting the person to which the mail has to be sent.

Figure 3

4. Click on the PeoplePicker control and on the right side a Properties Window appears as shown below.

Figure 4

5. Now in the General Properties tab select the Property “Selected Value “as shown in the below figure.

Figure 5

6. Select the “Display Name” from the selected value and check the preview.

Figure 6

In the preview of the form, while selecting the person the display name of the person will be displayed.

Figure 7

7. Select the “Email” from the selected value and check the preview.

Figure 8
Figure 9

NB: If a particular user does not have the specified filed then a message box will be shown while trying to inert the content as shown below.

Figure 10