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The Label control is used to display the caption for any control in the form. Each data entry control in the form will require a caption to display the description which will help the user identify the purpose of the control in the form.

Control Name: Label
Group: Standard

S.noProperty nameData typeDescription
1Default valueStringTo set the label text.
To make a comment or observation about the control for reference.
S.noProperty nameData typeDescription
3WidthStringSets the suggested width or thickness of the control.
4HeightStringSets the suggested height of the control.
5Text AlignmentStringSpecifies whether the text to be left-aligned, Center –aligned or right-aligned
6MarginStringSets the edge or outer margin to the control.
7FontStringSets the font face\style.
8Font SizeStringSets the font size.
9Font ColorStringSets a brush that describes the Text color of the control.
10Background ColorStringSets a brush that describes the Background color of the control.
11VisibleBooleanSets the visibility of the control while rendering.
12BoldStringTo make the control text Bold.
13ItalicStringItalicize the control text.
14UnderlineStringTo Underline the control text.
15Column SpanIntegerTo merge the number of column specified.
S.noProperty nameData typeDescription
16Control ReportControl Report will redirect to Reports tab that will display all the configurations, rules and datasources details associated to the selected control.