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This function is used to fill the data from the datasource to the List controls. The list controls we have in AppForms are AutocompleteTextbox, ComboBox, ListBox, CheckboxGroup, RadioButtonGroup, MultiListBox and the Search Grid control. This function can be executed any time when you need to refresh the list of values in the control from the server.

Syntax :

FillData(ControlName, bool isSynch[Optional])

ControlName is the name of the list control that needs to be filled with new values. The control can be a AutocompleteTextbox, ComboBox, ListBox, CheckBoxGroup, RadioButtonGroup, MultiListBox or a Search Grid control
isSynch determines if the operation needs to be completed before the next set of rules can be executed. The value can be true/false.

Examples :

FillData( Combobox1 )
FillData( Listbox1, true )
FillData( AutocompleteTextbox1, false )