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File upload control DownloadFilestream property


The Download file stream property of file upload control is used to get the byte array of an attachment file along with its path when selecting it from a Share point list. This is a newly introduced feature in ClaySys AppForms. Earlier when we are selecting a file from list, we are only able to get the path, so we cant insert the same file to a SQL table. For this we need to get the byte array of that file in the file up loader. To get the byte array along with path we are using this property of file upload control.

  1. Select the Designer as shown in Figure 1.

2. Select the folder and add the form in the folder.


3. Open the form and place one file upload control in the form.


4. Then select the properties window and enable the property ‘Download File stream’ as in the figure 4

Figure 4

‘Keep the FileStream’ property of file upload control

  1. The ‘Keep the file stream’ property enables us to keep the byte array of the attaching file while we are inserting it. As an advantage of this we are able to use the same control (same file) in multiple data source since it keeps the byte array in the file upload control.
  2. For this you need to enable the ‘Keep the file stream’ property in the property window (see figure5)