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Current Year Leave Information

  1. Set the Column Span property of the cell to 2 where we will be placing the “Current Year Leave Information” title. Place a Label control to this cell and set the properties similar to the “Employee Information”

2. Now place the label and textbox in the next row to design the first row of Current Year Leave Information. The textbox width can be set to 100. Now to make sure that this textbox ends at the same level as of the textboxes in the previous section. We can set a left margin of 50 as shown in the image below.

3. Insert new rows required to add the controls in this section using the option in the toolbox at the top or using the context menu when you right click in the grid. Now copy and paste the label and textbox to the next rows and set the label and names of the textboxes as required. The naming convention we are going to use here is the short form of the label. For example “Yearly Vacation Allocation” as txtYVA. The section will have the following look after we place all the required controls.