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Creating Required Tables

We will be using the following tables in this example.

Name         : EmployeeInfo
Type           : SQL Table

Sl NoColumn NameData TypeDescription
2OrgCodeVarCharOrganization Code
3OrgNameVarCharOrganization Name
4FullNameVarCharFull Name of user
6YearlyVacationAllocationNumberYearly Vacation Time Allocated
7VacationCarryForwardNumberVacation Carry Forwarded from previous year
8VacationCarryForwardAllowedNumberVacation Carry Forward Allowed
9TotalVacationAllowedNumberTotal Current Year Vacation Allocation
10CurrentYearAvailableVacTime NumberTotal Current Year Vacation Time Available
11YTDVacationUsedNumberYTD vacation time used
12YTDVacationTimeBalanceNumberYTD Vacation Time Balance
13YearlySickLeaveAllowedNumberYearly Sick Leave Allocation
14YTDSickLeaveUsedNumberYTD sick leave time used
15YTDSickLeaveBalance NumberTD Sick Leave Time Balance
16YearlyPersonalLeaveAllowedNumberYearly Personal Leave Allocation
17YTDPersonalLeaveUsedNumberYTD personal leave time used
18YTDPersonalLeaveBalanceNumberYTD Personal Leave Time Balance

Name : AbsenceRequestDates
Type   : SQL Table

Sl NoColumn NameData TypeDescription
2DateDate and TimeAbsence Request Date
3HoursNumberTotal hrs

Name : Restricted and Reserved Dates
Type   : SQL Table

Sl NoColumn NameData TypeDescription
1DescriptionVarCharDescription of the restricted or reserved dates
2DatesDate and TimeRestricted and Reserved Date
3Organization CodeVarCharOrganization Code
4Organization NameVarCharOrganization Name