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Think of a situation where we need to fill up a form such as ‘Purchase Request’, while we fill the form completely suppose the form you filled it has an option to save the form and you can keep it for your own. Yes, it is possible to save the form in a PDF format.

Step1: We can try this with the help of a form as ‘Purchase Request’, Create a form as shown in Figure1,using ClaySYS AppForms.

Figure 1

We could use the button ‘Preview Form’ for the form’s preview.Figure2 shows the preview of our form.

Figure 2

Step2: So, we have finished our form creation. Next is the big part rule creation. We could call the function ‘SaveAsPdf ()’ in any controls trigger. Now we could assign it in the button ‘Save as PDF ‘.

  • Click on the button ‘Save as PDF’.
  • Click on the Tab Rules Panel which is in left side of our page.
  • Click on the button ‘Create New Rule’.
  • Now take Actions on left, in the Figure3 under the triggers marked in red color.
Figure 3

Step3: Follow the steps for creating the action we need

  1. Click on the ‘functions’, as in Figure4.
  2. Select ’Mail Operations’ from second box as shown in Figure4.
  3. Select ‘SaveAsPdf ‘from the third box as in Figure4.
  4. And click on the arrow to downward for getting our function to the white box at the bottom.
Figure 4

Step4: Now we could see our function in the white box, now click on the verify button for checking as shown in Figure5.The green box appeared around our function indicating that it is correct. Now click Done.

Figure 4.1

Step5: Preview the form and click on the button ‘Save as PDF’, the PDF document will be opened automatically as shown in Figure5.

Figure 5