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Page Navigation for Table view control

  • To navigate into required page dynamically  in TableView Control.

Steps For PageNavigation

Step 1:-Drag a Table View (Search) control to the Form. Configure it with a data source as required.  

Step2 : Preview : You can navigate to required page dynamically.

Page Size of Table view control By Rule

  • To set the PageSize of TableView control dynamically.

Steps For setting Page Size of TableView control by Rule

Step 1:-Drag a Table View (Search) control to the Form and configure it with the required data source.In the below Table View control, page size in properties is set to 6.

Step 2:-For setting PageSize , create a Rule  from Rule Tab with the Format

 The Value can change based on requirement.In this example we have TableView1.PageSize=2. And add trigger as FormLoad.

  • In this example while loading the form the page size of TableView control is 2 because the Page size is set as 2 in FormLoad.So 2 rows are there in tableView.