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Vacation Days Requested

Step 1 – Click on the1DynamicGrid for the “Vacation Days Requested” section and launch the configuration wizard by clicking on the Columns properties button.

Step 2- This will launch the following wizard step. Select the MS SQL as the DataSource type and click OK button to continue.

Step 3 – The next step is to select the table.

Step 4 – Add the following columns and column type.

SlNoControl NameControl TypeColumn HeaderDescriptionWidth
1IndicatorCompositeColumnThis column will be used as a indicator to show if the user has entered a correct date.
a. When Status column Value is 0 then invalid date, so it will display the column as a Red Label.
a. When Status column Value is 1 then valid date, so it will display the column as a Green Label.
a. When Status column Value is greater than 1 then there is no date entered, so it will display the column as a white Label
2dtDatesDateTimePickerDatesDateTimePicker will allow the user to select a Date190
3txtHourTextBoxHour ValueTextBox will enable the user to enter the required hours190
4txtStatusTextBoxStatusWe will be using rule to set a value to this column based on the date selected by the user0

Step 5 – Select/Create the required columns in dynamic grid control.

Step 6 – Now we will have to go through the DataSource wizard to configure the grid to insert to the table named “AbsenceRequestDates”. Select insert and click on ‘Add’ button. Now map the columns to controls inside Dynamic grid.

Step 7- After mapping select the execute command trigger for Insert and we are done with the Dynamic Grid configuration.