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How to apply Theme for Border Control?

Border Control Theme

A Theme is a quick and easy way to give a professional and modern look to a form or document.
This property can be viewed in the AppForms too for the Border control.

1.Create a form as shown below in-order to implement the property, ‘Theme’ for the Border control.
In the ‘Designer’, drag the control, named ‘Border’ from the ‘Group’, in the ‘Toolbox’

Figure 1: Designer
Figure 2: Preview

2.In the ‘Property’ section, select the property ‘Theme’ from ‘Style’ and Click on the button provided in the ‘Theme’.

Figure 3

3.In the appeared window, named ‘Border Theme’, select a theme and click on the ‘Apply’ button.

Figure 4: Border Theme window

4. The selected theme will be shown in the border.

Figure 5: Designer
Figure 6: Preview